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Brand Statement

Our love of people is only matched by our enduring love for animals, ensuring that they lead healthy and happy lives by providing their owners with innovative, convenient and natural solutions to care for their animals from barn to bed. From wound and skin care to eyes and ears to coat care, we are committed to delivering animal and owner friendly solutions that promote the health and wellness of the animal with the commitment of a loving caretaker. We understand that your animals are an extension of your family and that it’s important to both of you to maintain clean environments and eliminate odor to make your time together pleasant and full of joy. Our products represent our company and our people through environmentally friendly solutions to ensure a healthy animal, a happy owner and a sustainable land that can be enjoyed by all. From home to garden to ranch and anywhere there beyond, our commitment is to our customers and the animals they love.

HOCI Statement

Meet the molecule – Hypochlorous Acid or HOCl for short. HOCl is a compound produced by the white blood cells as part of the immune system with no sting or burn. HOCl is produced from electrolyzed salt water.