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Cleanser: (purpose, examples, other uses/safety)

NIXALL®PRO Cleanser / Deodorizer eliminates odors on contact, is safe for skin contact of pets and humans and will not harm lungs or eyes.

Not just masking odors, but oxidizing them, NIXALL®PRO Cleanser covers up skunk, trash, wet fur, cigarette smoke, litter box, and kennel smells without the use of petro-chemicals, sulfates, or bleach.

Replace your everyday/household chemical cleansers with NIXALL®PRO Cleanser for kitchens and bathrooms and can also be used in humidifiers, or air cleaning systems to remove unwanted odor.

NIXALL®PRO Cleanser is safe for use around family, in the car, and is ideal for traveling in airports, hotels, and rest stops, without staining furniture or clothing.