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Skin & Coat Grooming: (vanity, wounds, odor, safety)

NIXALL®PRO VetResponse Skin & Coat Grooming Solution: the choice product for animal groomers to moisturize and soften skin, leaving coats shiny, healthy and hydrated.

Made with all natural ingredients, the solution is safe to be used around the eyes, nose, ears and mouth, and works great for all animals including reptile and birds.

Dry patches and itchy irritated skin can be soothed, with no harm if licked or ingested, keeping your animals comfortable and happy.

NIXALL®PRO VetResponse Grooming Solution neutralizes odors such as feces and skunk smell, without irritation, or the use of harmful deodorants and perfumes.

The Skin & Coat Grooming Solution is perfect for daily use on pets or equine animals, and can be added to bath or rinse water for an extra clean.